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At the Ventura Chapter we provide test preparation courses for the CPIM and CSCP exams as well as other classes upon request.
For classroom education, you can find the information below. For in-house training, please contact the VP of Education or The Board of Directors


CPIM originally stands for Certification in Production and Inventory Management, it has evolved to become a comprehensive education in Operations Management, from Strategic Planning to Daily Operations Scheduling.

Since 1973, the APICS CPIM program has educated more than 90,000 professionals about essential terminology, concepts, and strategies related to demand management, procurement and supplier planning, material requirements planning, capacity requirements planning, sales and operations planning, master scheduling, performance measurements, supplier relationships, quality control and continuous improvement.

The CPIM designation is earned upon successful completion of exams after completion of each of five courses/modules.

Entry Module:
  • Basics of Supply Chain Management
Core Competency Modules
  • Master Planning of Resources
  • Detailed Scheduling and Planning
  • Execution and Control of Operations
Capstone Module:
  • Strategic Management of Resources

Enrollment is open for CPIM classes:
  • Basics of Supply Chain Management (Entry Module)
  • Master Planning of Resources (Core Competency Module)
  • Strategic Management of Resources (Capstone Module)

We are partnering with the University of LaVerne to bring CPIM classes to you. Classes will be held at La Verne's Campus, 500 Esplanade Drive, Suite 1000, Oxnard, CA 93036.

CPIM Classes

ClassTrainerScheduleStart DateWeeksRegistration limitClick this column's link to register
Detailed Scheduling and Planning V. Granados Mondays 6:00 - 9:30 pm July 10, 2017 Closed  
Basics of Supply Chain Management V. Granados Thursdays 6:00 - 9:30 pm August 3, 2017 10 Closed  
Strategic Management of Resources V. Granados Mondays 6:00 - 9:30 pm October 2, 2017 Sep 22,2017  
CPIM Part 2 V. Granados Thu, 9-6 pm November 16, 2017 14 11/06/17  
Detailed Scheduling & Planning TBD Mon. 6:00-9:15 pm February 5, 2018 01/24/17  
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Price for CPIM class APICS Plus member is $760.00
Price for CPIM class APICS Core member and non-member is $960.00

Please note: The University of La Verne does not accept American Express. if your only payment option is American Express, contact us to process registration through the Chapter.

Reconfigured CPIM

In the last quarter of 2017, APICS is launching a new configuration for the CPIM certification based on two exams:

  • CPIM Part 1: Encompassing the body of knowledge pertaining Basics of Supply Chain Management
  • CPIM Part 2: Encompassing the body of knowledge pertaining Master Planning of Resources + Detailed Scheduling and Planning + Execution and Control of Operations + Master Planning of Resources

Prices and schedule To Be Deternined


About the CSCP Designation:
  • Is the most widely recognized educational program for operations and supply chain management professionals around the globe
  • Is a designation that is sought by thousands of employers and recruiters
  • Provides you with a mastery of supply chain management best practices and distinguishes you as an industry expert with specialized, high-level knowledge and skills

Additionally exam credit (an exam voucher) can be purchased at the time of taking the class. This will provide a discounted price for the certification test.

We are partnering with The University of La Verne to bring CSCP classes to you. The classes will be held at Ventura Campus of the University of La Verne (Oxnard).

Price list:

 Membership status Price Class and Materials Only Price Class and materials + exam voucher
 APICS Plus Member $1,884 $2,654
 APICS Core Member $2,084 $2,999
 Non-APICS member $2,084 $2,999

The price of the class includes:
  • 10 sessions of instructor led classes (about 3:15 hrs per session)
  • Printed materials for extra documentation
  • 1 year of on-line study tools that include
    • Pre-class exam (diagnostics)
    • Progress evaluation
    • Flash Cards
    • 2 mode exam preparation (rationale of responses or real exam simulation)

For Registration, click the link at the far right side of the class name.

For classes availability, please view the following schedule:

CSCP Classes

ClassTrainerScheduleStart DateWeeksRegistration LimitRegistration link
CSCP V. Granados Tue. 6:00-9:15 pm October 10, 2017 10 10/01/17  
CSCP V. Granados Tue. 6:00-9:15 pm February 20, 2018 10 02/08/18  
CSCP V. Granados Tue. 6:00-9:15 pm October 2, 2018 10 09/20/18  
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We will require a minimum of 5 students to hold a class. 

Please note: The University of La Verne does not accept American Express. if your only payment option is American Express, contact us to process registration through the Chapter.

In House Training

The Chapter is also available to provide in-house training for CPIM, CSCP, Lean Enterprise and/or Principles of Operations Management. For questions about training opportunities, please contact the VP of Education.