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  TitleBoard Member   Phone
PresidentRon Isack818.871.3058
VP, ProgramsJoan Peters, CPIM805.402.3166 / 805.981.4772
VP, EducationKirk Jones 
VP, Information SystemsVictor Granados  805.501.9353
VP, MembershipKarie Spangler, CSCP, CPIM  805.452.1860 / 805.671.9935
VP, FinanceYuhang Li, CSCP, CPIM 805-202-1854 / 805-981-9289
VP, AdministrationEe Ee Tan, CPIM 310.817.1242 / 805.383.5255
VP, Marketing
VP, Operations

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TitleBoard MemberContact
VP, Programs Joan Peters, CPIM 805.123.1234 
President Ron Isack 818.871.3058 
VP, Education Kirk Jones  
VP, Information Systems Victor Granados 805.501.9353 
VP, Membership Karie Spangler, CSCP, CPIM 805.452.1860 / 805.671.9935 
VP, Finance Yuhang Li, CSCP, CPIM 805-202-1854 / 805-981-9289 
VP, Administration Ee Ee Tan, CPIM 310.817.1242 / 805.383.5255 
VP, Marketing   
VP, Operatoins