Board Members

Welcome to the Board of Directors directory. You can click the name of the board member to contact them by e-mail.

If you want to contact us, but you are not sure who is the appropriate person, the Board of Director's e-mail is

 Title  Name  Phone
 President  Victor Granados  ((424) 644-9671
 Programs, VP  Joan Peters  (805) 402-3166 / (805) 981-4772 
 Education, VP  Darren Davidson  (805) 465-5314
 Education, Director  John Heier  (805) 404-1049
 Marketing, VP  Ross Currens  
 Finance, VP  Yuhang Li  (805) 202-1854 / (805) 981-9289 
 Membership, VP Open 
 Administration, VP Open 
 Infofmation Systems, VP  Open